Thursday, 14 August 2008


you have to visit this website i know all the stuff about 2012 could be true, but this might be taking it all a tad too far? some people are total nutcases.

Hello everyone I had a thought its a bit far fetched but stick with me here.Ok i was just doing some research last week for my personal use on Dragons and I read that they had found a frozen dragon in Romania a bit back it was perfectly frozen and blah blah you look it up i could go on for days.Anyway yesterday i was watching a story on cloning talking about what they need to clone things and how they could bring back animals that had long since been extinct they couldn't use dinosaur bones you know like Jurassic park because there is no genetic data left but then i started thinking about the Dragon they found in romania and it kinda all hit me at once what if they cloned the dragon and it pulled a Jurassic park manuver and reproduced give it about 10 years a god knows what you would have.And to top it off the dreames some people have been having (as said on this site) could be a "vision" or perseption of possible things to come you never know.It would only be fair though I mean we killed off dragons in midevil times what would be more ironic than humans cloning dragons and dragons to come back and get their well deserved revenge. - - Oh and on another note if this does by any chance happen you can guarante people and me included will be defending the dragons just for the sake that they are considered a magical beast and they deserve to be here not us.Feel free to E-mail me if you have and thoughts,questions,or expecialy complaints I love reading hate mail :)

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