Wednesday, 24 March 2010


OMG OMG OMFG!!! GRANIA AND I WENT TO THE X FACTOR SHOW ON SUNDAY NIGHT AND WE WENT BACKSTAGE AND MET LIKE ALL OF THE CONTESTENTS, THEY WERE ALL SO SHORT AND SWEET AND NEVER STOPPED SMILING, AFTER THE SHOW WE WENT BACK TO THEIR HOTEL(ok we are like big fans but not like obssesive super fans or anything, are friend Lou does the hair and make ups on x facs so we went to hang out with her, she stays in the same hotel and is bffs with all the contestants) WAS SO MAYJE JEDWARD CAME IN TO LOU'S ROOM AND WE ALL JUST HAD A GOSSIP SESSION AND MIDNIGHT FEAST AMD IMPROMPTU PHOTOSHOOT. J'ADORE JEDWARD!

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Gemma said...

Looks so fun XD
Great photo's too ^^
I hope I meet them someday :D